Why move to Poland?

Many discover Poland as a great place to move - in terms of both private life and work. We at Move to Poland will help you with all the necessities.
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Rich culture

More than a thousand years of history, an incredibly rich heritage, unbeatable nature, fantastic architecture of big cities, cozy charm of small towns… Need we say more?

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Good life standard

In Poland we know how to live life the good way. Polish food – from posh gourmet restaurants up to casual street joints – is well appreciated worldwide. Here modern cities live in harmony with picturesque landscapes.

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Hospitality is a common law in Poland: a Polish proverb says ‘a guest in the house is like God in the house’ and we live up to this motto. Problems with language? Ask about our concierges!

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Poland is one of Europe’s safest countries nowadays. Here you are free to walk on the streets and crime rate is decreasing. Eager to see a traditional society enjoying the pleasures of life? Welcome to Poland!

About us

We at Move to Poland want to inspire you to move to our country - and to facilitate the whole process.
We are here to help you move to Poland!

Moving to a different country is a great challenge - we know something about it. Sometimes you feel like taking a break from it all and just starting a new life.

Poland is a great country to move to. Great heritage, good business environment, fantastic pleasures of life, traditional society and probably Europe's best value for money - all this makes this country an obvious choice when relocating.

Just contact us and we will take care of the whole process.

  • We love our country and are eager to promote its values.

  • We are focused on delivering
    you high-quality services.

  • We are locals and our country holds no secrets for us.

  • We cooperate only with proven and reliable professionals.

Who we are

We want to inspire you to move to Poland. Once you're convinced, we facilitate the process.

Maciej Zborowski

Owner and founder
Maciej is truly passionate about his homeland. A few years ago he started Go for Poland – an incoming tour operator. Now it’s time to take the next step: after visiting Poland consider the possibility of moving here!

Zuzanna Rosinke

Project manager
Impossible is nothing – every day of Zuzanna’s work is a proof of this proverb. Want something done in Poland? You name it, she’ll fix it. A true gem!

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